Black Walnut with Maple Edge: Cutting Board

We're thrilled to welcome Orgeon-based (and California bred) John Henry Souza of eponymous John Henry Woodworking to the family!

More architectural in form than the live edge pieces, this slim, tapered edged serving board features a striking piece of black walnut with a maple band at the edge. Just under an inch thick and almost 20 inches long, this block tapers from 9.5 to just over 11 inches wide.  

John Henry's attention to craft is evident in this dramatic statement piece. In his words, "I believe that if more of us understand craft, if more of us made things with our own hands, and we learned the stories behind who someone is, what they make, and why, we would have more influence over what people want to buy and how they want to buy. People want to belong somewhere and feel useful." Read more about John Henry here.

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