about us

Akogare Trading Company is a launch pad for indie craftspeople-artists-makers. Our intention is to celebrate handmade and traditionally crafted products and the authentic, aesthetic experience of our lives. We seek out talented artisans and work with them to clarify their brand intentions, develop positioning and pricing strategies, and promote their creative and financial success. We imagine, create, and develop these ideas and small businesses through the vehicle of this online shop. 

Akogare Trading Company is about the people we meet, the things we discover, and the moments we relish – simple beautiful objects, flavors, places, and experiences that reflect our appreciation for beauty and simplicity. How do we transform these elemental aspects of a life well lived into a sustainable life, in all meanings of the word?

We don’t really need more stuff in our lives. What we do need is the ability to create lives of beauty and meaning – through time spent with family and friends, through work of the mind and the hand performed with grace and gratitude, and through the simple pleasures of useful tools, beautiful objects, evocative flavors, and memories of times spent with loved ones. Our purpose is to seek out the makers and creators of traditional textiles, ceramics, metalwork, leatherwork – objects of the hand that are vehicles for the deepest modes of human expression. That’s the idea behind Akogare Trading Company.

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We look forward to offering a series of a pop-ups throughout the year, influenced by people we’ve met, places we’ve been, and items we’ve discovered and imagined and brought into being. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you enjoy Akogare Trading Company.

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