Jen test

RANDOM MUSINGS FROM THE ARTIST: Pasadena-based photographer and ceramist Jen Cheung good-naturedly submitted to our mock-interview . . . .


What do you do? I am a commercial photographer moonlighting as a potter

How did you come to what you do? I was always interested in trying ceramics and decided to take some classes

Describe the first piece you made.  A small, misshapen, lopsided, short, flat 
bottomed, thick sided form on a wheel.

Describe a technique or material you see as an essential part of the making process for you. Wheel, clay, time and patience.

What is your favorite tool? As one of my teachers would say the most valuable tool you use in ceramics are your hands.

Can you tell us about another maker you have been inspired by? So many fellow potters, students and teachers I couldn’t just name one.

What song do you play to bring out your productivity? NPR!

Which one and Why?

Learn from someone or work it out on your own? Always learning from others

More or less? Less is more

Early mornings or late nights? Early mornings

What is your #spiritanimal and why? I think my spirit animal is in hiding

What book are you reading now? Edmund de Waal, The Hare with Amber Eyes

Five Things You Can’t Live Without Husband, Family, Friends, Camera, Clay . . . narrowing it to 5 is difficult.

Favorite place to travel? Sweden, because I was married there




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