Yoshimi Radstrom | Kaban+

Yoshimi Radstrom, the creative whirlwind and force of nature behind Kaban+, shares her thoughts on the Akogare 10 Questions and Some Musings Interview:

What do you do? Design clothing, bags and more.

How did you come to what you do? I want to wear and be surrounded by things I like and feel good about.  And I don't want to spend a lot of money for it! Making my own clothing is an inexpensive way to make that happen, and also I can have things no one else has  one-of-a-kind things!

Describe the first piece you made. I’ve been making my own clothing and accessories since I was a teenager. It's been a long time!! I don’t remember what the first piece was — maybe a purse? 

Describe a technique or material you see as an essential part of the making process. I love vintage clothing. In Japan vintage clothing from America is super popular with certain groups of people. There are maniacal people who collect and wear Levi's from the Gold Rush period. I’m not that crazy. :)

I’ve been buying and wearing vintage since I was young in Japan. I styled these pieces to fit me. I also love men's clothing on me. 

Favorite tool? My hands

Tell us about another maker you have been inspired by All of them! I build on all past experiences and makers, including Levi's, Isabel Marant, Free People, and more.

What song do you play to bring out your productivity? Japanese artists from the 70s and 80s: Yosui Inoue, Takuro Yoshida, Yumi Matsutoya, Eiich Ootaki, Erik Satie . . .

Which one and Why?

Learn from someone or work it out on your own. Both. I’m open to learn.

More or less? Less

Early mornings or late nights? Early mornings

What are you reading now? IQ84 by Haruki Murakami

Favorite place to travel Besides my home, Japan, I love Italy. I’ve been to Florence and Rome so many times and want to visit other cities and French cities.


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