Australian social entrepreneurs Kim Pearce and Kath Davis visited Los Angeles in August 2017 to collaborate with Mending as Metaphor's Ruth Katzenstein Souza on a series of community activities intended to raise awareness of issues of social justice, fashion, sustainability, and a path into a more purposeful future for us all.

Their organization, The Possibility Project, believes that "ordinary people can make extraordinary choices using what they already have." Putting words into action, the women founded slumwear108, a slow clothing label. Slumwear108 products demonstrate the power of the shared economy and are made by people living in poverty in India who participate in vocational education and training programs. Each piece of clothing that is recycled and upcycled is as unique as its maker, and each purchase "deepens our ability to serve one another."

Jane and I met Kath and Kim at a pop-up in the Helms Bakery Complex, and again at their Liminal Spaces talk in the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Their warmth and intelligence were inspiring, and we're honored to have a few of their pieces in our shop.

What struck us both was how much clarity they had in their vision for Possibility Project, and how thoughtfully they articulated it. They also displayed an uncommon courage speaking about worthiness and compassion, and the inherent value of doing the right thing. As The Project states in their mission, "We are building our label on a belief that everybody has something to contribute to the wellbeing of people and planet." 

Social justice is the ability people have to realize their fullest potential.