Soulful Spirit Dolls

Propelled by compassion and reflection, and motivated to be a maker by a need to be productive on behalf of others, Nancy Rose fills her creative cup with hand-sewn two-legged and four-legged fabric friends. Derived from real life, and then reimagined with a touch of whimsy, these creatures are assembled using redesigned thrift store garments, found fabrics, vintage buttons, orphan jewelry bits and pieces, and other gathered embellishments.

Soulful Spirit Dolls came about after a lengthy period of personal challenges when Nancy explored several ways to fill her emotional toolbox. The idea of staying hopeful during hard times, and the belief that courage and community can be important stepping stones to a meaningful life, are manifested in these thoughtful dolls.

 We all need help from time to time, sometimes just a friend to lean on. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Downtown Women’s Center



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