Handwoven and Sewn Talisman Bag #7

For fiber artist Ruth Katzenstein Souza, making these woven and sewn pochettes and clutches that combine pieced textiles and buttons from her lifelong collection is a form of meditation. Deliberating over these small pieces with focused attention renews the way that Ruth sees how materials can represent the passing of time and of memory. The idea of intense ornamentation as protection is an age old idea. As she learns more about talismans and amulets she begins to comprehend the primitive, intuitive need we all have to ask the universe for protection and sheltering of our beloveds. 

This series explores a playful, almost dreamlike search for familiarity, faces, in the shapes, and each design reveals a private, interior life. Upcycled and recycled silks and cottons. No two are alike. Wash gently.

Hand crafted in Los Angeles.

Talisman Bag #7

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